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Where program fee goes

ARV program fees covers other items that ensures you enjoy a great time volunteering in Ghana. Below is a breakdown of where the fees goes. Nourishment and ACCOMMODATION You could without much of a stretch spending plan for both once you touch base in the nation, in any case, it tends to work out a […]

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Putting your gap year on your resume

There was a time, not too long ago, when people believed that a gap year was only for the flighty, the rich, or Australians and Brits who wanted to see the world. The reality? A gap year is for anyone and everyone, at any point in life, with a wide range of budgets. A gap year can actually be […]

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The Biggest Fears about Teaching Abroad & How to Overcome Them

BY Lauren Salisbury As many who have successfully added the role of ‘overseas teacher’ to their resume will tell you, teaching abroad is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. After all, teaching abroad not only allows you the opportunity to develop professional skills and add to your resume, it also presents you with the […]

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