Makoko : The Venice of lagos​

Makoko is a community on water, inhabitants are mostly fishermen 

Makoko, is a water-front settlement in the centre of Lagos, Nigeria, it is estimated to be home to around 250,000 people, most of whom live in difficult conditions. … Makoko started off as a fishing settlement, with family groups migrating there from the Benin Republic in the 19th century.

Makoko has a diverse and colorful history and was established when fishermen from nearby Togo and the Republic of Benin settled there about a century ago.

Like much of Lagos, it is highly multicultural; conversations on the floating slum are usually in a language, which is a peculiar medley of Yoruba, French, and Egun, a local dialect. The slum, which was initially just a place to fish, has grown to be the home for generations of fishermen from neighboring countries. But the Lagos government would prefer that Makoko does not exist.

Despite its status as the fifth largest economy in Africa, the wealth in Lagos remains stubbornly concentrated in the hands of a very few. The Makoko Project is aimed at touching the lives of the most vulnerable, by providing them with some basic needs and support.



The construction/Stocking of a functional library: Volunteers are welcome to join our team to construct a mini library for the children in Makoko. ARV already has a continuous source of good reading books from our partner organization in the UK. Volunteers would be required to jointly raise fund with ARV, purchase materials and construct a library. Kindly get in touch with us before booking for this placement.


 Humanitarian donation (Food, clothes e.t.c): many families are going through trying times in the Makoko Community, owing to the fall in economy and continuous inflation, many families in Makoko are struggling to survive. Volunteers are welcome to contribute to this project by donating, fairly used clothes or other household items, Food packs, reading materials e.t.c Kindly not that we only accept items that are in good condition.


While it’s not always possible to adopt a child due to financial constraints and legal red tape, almost anybody can sponsor a child through African Rural Volunteers. Thousands of children around the world are living in poverty, and they are hoping and praying to be sponsored by a generous person like you.


Where to send Donations to!

Center for Youth in Sustainable Developement

No. 1 Erunwen road

opp. upchealse bustop 

Erunwen Ikorodu, Lagos state Nigeria



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